Joseph- Life Coach

Joseph Casan- Life Coach and Spiritual Counseling

Coaching aligning you to your Authentic Success. 
Counseling that clears, balances and heals connecting you more deeply to your Soul.

Joseph maintains a private coaching practice where he leads others to transformation and success in
their personal and professional lives utilizing his training and background as a counselor, facilitator and
A life coaching session consists of focusing on bringing forward a client’s goals and intentions, mapping
out the steps to reach those goals, and outlining processes and tools to enable the client to understand
and work through blocks that have prevented the client from success in the past or that may be
presenting currently. The coaching model is characterized by compassionate inquiry, support, and
helpful accountability.
A spiritual counseling session consists of bringing forth information and often blessings from Spirit and
clearing that which can be cleared with respect to karmic patterns accumulated from the past as well as
karmic patterns in this lifetime, and blocks on the personal memory level (unconscious patterns) with
the goal of aiding clients in achieving greater clarity, peace, expansion, abundance, grace, joy and
radiant health in their lives. He also clears any "gunk" accumulated in the consciousness from the
environment or others. Joseph employs direct knowing, seeing and hearing being clairvoyant,
clairsentient, and clairaudient. Joseph has a Master's in a Master's in Applied Psychology, with
specialized training from the Yale Childhood Violent Trauma Center as well as a Master's in Spiritual
Science from the non-denominational, ecumenical institution(universal wisdoms) Peace Awareness
Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy, and is an ordained minister in the Movement for
Spiritual Inner Awareness. Coaching or spiritual counseling sessions are conducted in person in Albany,
New York, and by telephone, Zoom and Skype.