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NeuroKinetic Therapy w/Erin

My fasination with how the body moves began at a young age when I started dancing. As I got older and participated in many other activites, such as figure skating and soccer, I learned that the body is a resiliant structure, but needs to be respected and trained properly to withstand the daily demands we place on it.

After receiving my undergraduate degree in biology I eagerly sought after a career that incorporated my love of science and my passion for movement. This lead me to enrolling in a kinesiology graduate program through the Arizona School of Health Science, where my interest in body mechanics and rehabilitative exercise was nurtured. Upon completing my Masters degree in 2014 I have earned several post-grad certifications, including Level I Functional Movement Screen, ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, AFPA Post-rehabilitative Exercise Specialist, FMT Basic and FMT Performance RockTape Practitioner, and most recently Level II NeuroKinetic Therapist.

As a NeuroKinetic Therapist my goal is to evaluate and treat movement dysfunctions as quickly and efficiently as possible. An NKT session utilizes manual muscle tests to determine the cause of faulty movement patterns and provides corrective exercise to retrain the motor control center of the brain to re-establish proper neural pathways between the brain the the body. Often this approach can alleviate chronic pain within as few as one or two session. I want nothing more than for clients to feel empowered by their body, rather than limited by it.

"First move well, then move often" - Gray Cook, Founder Functional Movement Systems
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