What I hope to achieve:
I really like being a facilitator to you and your goals.  I enjoy meeting you where you are.  I enjoy working with beginners/basic movements and with more complex activities and coordinations. I really love movement and aspire to bring an element of joy and play to your time with me and at the studio.  Together we will create a plan and practice that is nurturing and sustaining to you. I also recognize my responsibility to keep you, your joints, your body, safe and feeling secure.

Please let me know what you hope to achieve:
These are your goals- short term, long term...

Your responsibilities:

1) Honest self assessment-  

2) Communication: 
    - Be present: Please let me know where you are; Do you have any injuries? Past? Present? How is your energy today?  
    - Self advocacy- You always have veto power.  Don't do things that are painful (the practice should never be painful) or make you fearful.  Speak up!  I do my best to be             attuned, but I can't feel what you are feeling.
    - Ask questions.  I love them!

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