The Contract

The Assessment:
    Where are you?  
I have a basic philosophy and developmental model of 3 Stages of Movement:
  1. Movement without thinkingfunctional movement- feet downstairs, feet to work, sit down stand up- repeat- Any repetitive movement will eventually become stressed = pain and disfunction & loss of movement
  2. Inquiry and Change- Intrinsically motivated.  This is observation, inquiry and sensation.  What am I feeling? What if that could be different? If you don't change your thinking, you won't change your movements or your experience of the world.
  3. Authentic movement and Integration- Honest acceptance of your individuality. Joy in movement that is expressive, creative, and yours!

My Responsibilities to you:

    I agree to accept you, as you are.  This is a judgement free zone.  
    I am here to support you in your journey to feeling better.  I agree to tailor your workout to honor your strengths and compassionately encourage and support your weaknesses.  Together we will create a plan and practice that is nurturing and sustaining to you.
    I can speak your language.  Anatomy is anatomy.  I can describe movement in a very scientific way (I can read your MRI report) muscles, tendons, nerves...physics...  I can describe a movement from a martial arts perspective, dance perspective, yoga perspective, energetic perspective...  Your experience is valid!
    I do not  agree to be a tool of your own self aggression!  
    I am not here to dictate what you should do or to subvert my ego onto yours.
    I am not here to do the workout for you; I cannot carry you.

Rules of the studio & your responsibilities:
  1. No falling
  2. No falling
  3. Please no falling in the studio
This is sort of a joke, ...but communicate!  (honestly!)  Self Assess- (honestly!) I have an intention for myself to be able to move well and enjoy my movement as painlessly as possible for as long as possible.  I also have this wish for you.  This means being wise in our practice...

    4.  If you are having fear (of falling- or anything), it might mean we are progressing an exercise/movement too quickly = your mind/body is not ready.  I've been at this a long time, I try to keep your workouts challenging, but not demoralizing or dangerous.  You always have veto power (even when I'm not with you.)
    5.  We could also have the equipment/springs set incorrectly.  I can't feel what you feel.  Please let me know if you'd feel a different tension would be more appropriate. Sometimes more springs is appropriate, sometimes less-  We are not Arnold;   More____  is not better- ...more is more.
    6.  Pain is your body trying to tell you something important.  Joint pain is NOT GOOD!  Muscle burn- can be appropriate... but also iffy-  Please communicate!  I can help to differentiate between appropriate discomfort, and damaging pain.   I curse the person who said "No pain, no gain!"  (Jane Fonda btw) If you say it to me, you will get a stern, disapproving look.

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