Tai Chi and Meditation

Meditation is on Monday Evenings at 6pm 
Downstairs for  approximately a half hour sit

Intro to Tai Chi (Yang Style) is on Monday Evenings at 5:30pm

The structure of the Tai Chi Class:
approx 10 min Warm up
approx 15 min Tai Chi 
approx 5 min Qi Gong

We'll be working from the book:
Simplified Tai Chi Chuan
24 postures and standard 48 postures
Liang, Shou-Yu and Wu, Wen-Ching

Winter Schedule:

Jan 9th:  The first  3 Postures
1.  Commencing (p73)
2.  Wild Horse Parts Its Mane (p75)
3.  White Crane Spreads Its Wings (p83)

Jan 16th: No Tai Chi (Martin Luthor King Day)

Jan 23rd: 
Review 1-3 Add posture 4
4. Brush Knee and Step Forward

Jan 30th:
Review 1-4

Feb 6:
Review 1-4 Add posture 5
5. Playing the Lute (p94)

Feb 13th:
Review 1-5 Add posture 6
6. Reverse Reeling Forearms (p96)

Feb 20th: No Class (President's Day)
Feb 27th: No Class (Teacher Holiday)

March 6th
Review Postures 1-6