In the 16 months that it’s been my privilege and pleasure to receive personal training from Brian Hull, I’ve learned a few things:

  • Pilates is a way more rigorous workout than it looks
  • One can still have a tight butt whatever your chronological age
  • A personal trainer can nurture rather than bully you to fitness
  • A great trainer can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible


And Brian Hull is a GREAT trainer!  He is knowledgeable about the body’s anatomical capacities and passionate about making the training work for you.  Brian works with you and along side you—he’s a great demonstrator!  He adjusts workouts to your physical abilities while challenging you to progress.  You are never getting anything but his undivided, expert attention.  Brian plans each workout and no two workouts are ever alike (a true rarity in the field).  You will meet your personal fitness goals at Recenter.  You won’t regret it!

- Wayne Holmen

Dear Mr. Hull.
Michael will not be attending class this evening.  He is spending the day working out with a shovel.  He is however working on keeping his shoulders in his back pockets, keeping his heart to the sky, clinching his butt, working his obliques by shoveling to each side, pulling his navel to his spine,and trying to breath in and out in some orderly fashion.  He thinks enough is enough.  He hopes to see you Saturday.
Yours truly.
Mother Nature

(Snow storm spring '10)

I train with Brian four times a week. Brian Hull is one in a million.
I met Brian some months back, and knew at once that he was both a healer and an artist.
He will assist you in diet and empathize with your frailties. He is thorough and precise, producing astonishing results.
Brian ranks with the very best of personal trainers on both coasts- even, I think, surpassing them, because he is both deeply intuitive and smart.  Pursue the dream you have. He can assist you in making it happen as no one else can.

 Michael Viktor Butler, Albany 

Brian's workouts are one of a kind!  He is so motivating making each exercise meaningful and every total workout an enlightening experience.  Brian is endlessly patient when moves cause a challenge.  He ALWAYS provides modifications and continuous encouragement.  He is so perceptive to the strengths and weaknesses of each participant constantly nudging everyone to reach their personal best.

- Marlene, Greenport