This is a non-traditional studio & community!  Please consider plugging in.., dating.., engaging..,
 to the extent that you want to! 
Ask for help from others in the groups - offer your insights!  
Give and take; learn from and care for each other.

You're invited to come check it out-  Shoot me a text or a message-  free trials available

There are few absolutes in this world- I like to keep a few operating truths;
1.  Gravity exists g= mass x 9.8m/s
2.  Neurology exists (signal/no signal)
3.  You will fall
4.  You are capable; you can recover and try again
5.  Your self care, self expression and spirituality are a few things in this world that YOU can control/affect.
6.  Community can be of assistance to your growth- ie, accountability, reflection, advice

Morning Practice
7:30 M-Sat (no Sun)
Greet the morning Sun with a joyful, grateful bunch!!!
Gentle multi disciplinary practice (Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi...) 
-loosely organized by day of week up the Chakra Chanel (= spine) 
-and loosely organized through the hour- 1) Supine/prone 2) seated/planks 3) standing

Auyerveda Lunch Club/Office Hours
11am Mon & Wed-
Study another "language" & culture of eating/self care
Share recipes, share quizzes, history, ethnobotany and anthropology, the (an?) origional "crowd sourcing"
Optional book:  Auyerveda Beginners Guide by Susan Weis-Bohlen

Calisthenics Club
5:30pm Friday  
Happy Hour Stretching/hangout
Handstands, headstands, helpful drills...
Through the end of April, this will be online- Then, hopefully, Covid willing, this will be outside at studio

Tai Chi Club
8:30am Saturday
Online, for now
Planned group practice Summer 2021...
Assistant Instructors Jerry and Joe
Optional Book: Simplified Tai Chi Chuan 24 Posture, by Liang, Shou-yu and Wu, Wen-Ching

Private Instruction with Brian
Private- one hour or half hour to work on your individual practice; movements, balance, auyerveda coaching
Duets-  share the cost and enjoy fun with a friend

Gorilla gardening-
...Ask me... 
socially conscious urban orchards?... 
(...& I know its spelled wrong...)
Do you have extra plants?  Plant splicing skills?

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