Pain Management

Are you in pain?
Where?  Low back?  Knees? Hips? Spine?

When did it start?  
How does it present?

I can identify!- I have lived with pain from a childhood bicycle accident.  The resulting structural imbalance laid dormant for years, and then, the pain showed up in my neck.  It started spreading- into my spine, my hip, my knees, my hand, and less often, my feet.  I have studied human anatomy intimately, resolving my own pain, and successfully  helping others to manage; spondiliothesis, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, knee, hip and shoulder replacements, and normal aches and pains associated with aging.

How can I help you?

I really enjoy facilitating funtional movement and helping students manage their pain for more ease of daily living and enjoyment.  Often these ailments cannot be fully resolved, but they can be greatly improved.  In addition to listening to and collaborating with you,  I can work in conjunction with your other health professionals; doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor,  neurologist...  I can read MRI reports and explain medical concepts and reference numbers to you in accessible, non-medical ways.

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Dr Frank Conguista, Ortho NY -  Hip/knee replacement