In Real Life sessions

*New location*
Pilates Deck
47 Chestnut St
Rensselaer NY 12144

A great big thank you to students, contractors,
friends and family who continue to support me, the studio
and our community centered around movement and health.
We have all moved some coaching online.
Please contact me, or the other teachers
directly, about scheduling your virtual session.

Recenter Pilates is a different kind of Pilates studio and jungle gym;  

We're happy to offer assistance through individual attention by knowledgeable fitness professionals.
We're strong on theory & proper biomechanics/form across workout disciplines.
No contracts, just efficiency in results.

At Recenter, we;
  • reflect upon movement of our bodies from an anatomical perspective, 
  • resequence muscle activation for efficiency in movement from the inside out,
  • achieve an awareness of anatomical land marks and biorhythms,
  • examine tensions which have taken residence in our posture and intentionally move with control and precision to release them, 
  • relinquish the tensions in our breath and rediscover how this allows us to move with more fluid efficiency, and
  • strive to realign and redistribute mechanical forces to relieve joint stress. 


Email Brian:
Text/call:       917-568-5332

47 Chestnut St
Rensselaer NY 12144

Recenter Pilates is conveniently located at
47 Chestnut St RENSSELAER
(from Albany; exit 7 on 90)

Previously: between Swan and Dove; in Downtown Albany;
near Lark Street, the Empire State Plaza, and the New York State Capitol; in the Center Square Neighborhood.
Parking available.

Recenter Pilates Fitness in Center Square 319 Hamilton Street Albany